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Snugli Front Vented Carrier

snugli baby carrier reviews
snugli baby carrier reviews

Snugli Baby Carrier Reviews

Having a baby is a wonderful, life-changing experience. However, sometimes we’re not prepared for just how much life changes; trips out to buy groceries, going for walks, or carrying out household chores become quite challenging when you have a baby.

One of the reasons these activities can be so difficult is because your baby doesn’t always like being away from you. There is a solution to this issue though. Using a baby carrier is a great way to help your baby feel closer to you. It helps to develop your bond with your baby by holding them to your body.

Using a baby carrier also frees up your arms and hands, and allows you to get on with other things while baby interacts with you and the world around them.There are numerous types of baby carriers, including wraps, slings, and fixed carriers.

Today I am going to look at the Snugli Front Vented baby carrier, which is a padded carrier allowing you to hands-free hold your baby. They come in a range of colors, and I chose the Pink Frill designed by the well-known family designer, Jennifer DeLonge.


The front-facing vented Snugli carrier is a very straightforward carrier. It is ideal for new parents who want a way of carrying their baby close to their body, without needing to hold them.

It is very easy to use, and basically operates like a backpack you wear on the front of your body. It has padded shoulder and back straps, which are adjustable. It comes in one size, and thanks to the adjustability, it can be shared with other people. The vented version of the Snugli carrier, which I tried, has a soft vented zone which helps with airflow and breathability; it is therefore great to use in warmer climates, where the venting can help to keep you and your baby cool.

The Snugli carrier is structured so it is designed to allow you to use it as a fairly basic outward or inward facing carriers. It has one single buckle which is easy and quick to use. The fabric used to make the Snugli Front Vented Carrier is soft and can easily and quickly be washed.

Snugli claims that it is a good carrier for newborn babies and for babies weighing up to 26 lbs.; however, you might not want to use it beyond 6 months. I’ll explain what I noticed about this carrier and give my final verdict below.

Snugli claims that it is a good carrier for newborn babies and for babies weighing up to 26 lbs.; however, you might not want to use it beyond 6 months. I’ll explain what I noticed about this carrier and give my final verdict below.


    • The padded back and shoulder straps are comfortable to wear when your baby is newborn and not that heavy. They don’t dig in and they nicely distribute the weight on your body
    • The price of the carrier is reasonable when compared to other brands, and it’s portable. It therefore makes a good option for budget-conscious parents, or families who need to keep a back-up carrier with them.
    • The venting really helps keep you and your baby cool. I wore it on a warm, sunny day and I didn’t overheat. I could work up a light sweat walking up hills while wearing it, and it didn’t become sticky or uncomfortable. However, some of the darker colored options absorb heat from the sun, so be aware of that.
    • It is very easy to use and beginner friendly. You have a single buckle for side entry, and you can use it one handed. Once you’ve properly adjusted the straps and your baby is comfortably secure, it doesn’t require constant tightening or correcting throughout the time wearing it.
    • The designs are quite unique and different to other baby carriers. If you have the right personality for the design, they’re quite expressive and fashionable. They also have great neutral options such as camouflage, which seems to make dads happier when wearing one. The fabric is soft and machine washable, which is always a bonus with babies.


  • There is padding in the most important parts for your baby (around the holes for their legs and the head support) however I’m not sure if it’s enough. My baby was left with some red marks on their legs after sitting in it for a while. I definitely didn’t want them to wear shorts while in the baby carrier, because it seemed to make the marks worse. Other parents who had tried the Snugli raised the same concerns about marks, and none wanted to use it anymore as their baby grew bigger
  • It took my baby quite a bit of time to get used to the carrier. I needed to ease them in gently and let them sit in it for short periods at a time. They seemed much more comfortable and settled when facing me rather than facing outwards towards the world, which I think was overwhelming at times.
  • Even after spending some time with my baby just getting used to the carrier, she didn’t seem to like being in it for long. She showed signs of uneasiness when I'd bring her near the carrier.
  • It isn’t generally recommended for babies to sit in an outward facing position for a long time as it can become overstimulating and they miss out on being able to see their parent’s expressions. There’s also an issue with leg support when facing outwards, as it’s hard for baby to bring their legs up to the most supportive position.

Verdict - Snugli Front Vented Carrier?

I’d recommend the Snugli Front Vented Carrier, with some points to consider. You need to be careful with how long your baby is carried in it, and with which way you carry them. It takes some practice to get used to putting your baby in the carrier, and they should be introduced to it slowly. Yet, they might not enjoy being in it. However, it’s a good, strong and easy-to-use and affordable option for new parents who are looking for an introduction to baby carriers.

Share your opinion or experience with the Snugli Carrier in the commentary box below?

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