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Sling-B Soft and Luxurious Baby Carrier Sling Wrap Review

Sling-B Soft and Luxurious Baby Carrier Sling Wrap Review

The Sling-B baby wrap made by Mini Objex is a flexible sling that is made of cotton, spandex and modal. The wrap is snug and makes the baby closer to the chest and parents can confidently use it without fear of the baby sliding off.

The baby is also comfortable and sleeps easily in a breathable and soft place, while the wearer is free to do everyday work.


  • Made of cotton, spandex, and modal cloth
  • Flexible and can be used while breastfeeding
  • Secure for baby
  • Can be used until baby grows to 35 pounds
  • Can be returned within 30 days of purchase with refund


Many moms think that Sling-B Soft and Luxurious Baby Carrier Sling Wrap is the best baby wrap because the carrier is easy to wear. Its fabric length seems to be just right and easier to handle compared to other wraps that are too long.

It is also adjustable to the wearer’s size, and moms shedding postpartum weight can use it until they are back to pre-pregnancy weight. The fabric will expand to even let dads use it.

Compared to other wraps, this product is made of cotton, spandex and modal – a perfect combination of cloth for a baby wrap that makes it soft for baby but not flimsy. The wrap will keep baby safe and comfortable.

Parents loved being close to their little ones. The snug fit places the baby securely on mom’s chest and the baby calms down with hearing his mom’s heartbeat. The baby is also happier because he is able to see his surroundings upon waking up.

Some buyers of the product say that the price was just right and even cheaper than other slings in the market. For the value and usability of the product, buyers think that it’s money well-spent.

Most parents intend to use the product until their child was three years old, and most of them were even able to use it for their second child.

The wrap can be used in any type of weather. The sling’s soft and light material will not make baby sweat while tucked in. The baby can even look around because the wrap doesn’t cover his face, which is good for curious toddlers.

Even first time and breastfeeding moms can use the sling. Sling-B made sure that the wrap is easy to wear and will save parents time. There were parents who said that they didn’t have to hold their little ones while walking.

The manufacturer also refunds within a month, which made customers happy and relieved.


A mom found the product “too stretchy”. The buyer said that the wrap was good for her daughter when she was a newborn at seven pounds but when the baby grew to 10 pounds the fabric did not fit well.

She found that even if she made the fit tight for her and her child, the wrap still stretched too much.

A single mom found the wrapping process too complicated and was not appropriate for single moms or parents who are left alone with their babies during the day. The wrapping process took too much of her time, which made both mom and child frustrated.

Some buyers found the product too soft that their 20-pound child kept slipping off. They claim that the fabric stretched too much to provide a snug fit for toddlers and could only be used for newborn babies until the first few months.

The product is also found to cause back pains after 15 minutes of use which frustrated the user.


With 74 percent of buyers who liked the product, Sling-B Soft and Luxurious Baby Carrier Sling Wrap is still an economical and practical purchase.

Most buyers praised the high level of comfort it provided and they were even able to use it as their children grew. Buyers believed that spending less for a Sling-B did not compromise the quality that they were looking for.

Although it takes practice to perfect the wrapping process, many parents found the instructions helpful. They were able to master the use of the wrap and keep their babies safe.

Most of the users found the stretchable cloth practical because any caretaker can use it and they didn’t need to buy another wrap.

A major plus for the product is its soft and comfortable fabric. Babies and parents love the soft feel of the cloth against their skin. The fabric does not cause allergies or skin inflammation because of the wrap’s cotton material, making it child-friendly.

The wrap can also be used as a breastfeeding sling and helps baby feed well. Moms are able to nurse discreetly and at ease for longer feeding hours.

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