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Moby Wrap Baby Carrier Review

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier Review

The Moby Wrap is one of the more popular wraps in the market and is well-loved because of its cotton material. Babies are kept snug and sleep well in it. The unique design of the wrap adds comfort to the wearer as it supports the entire back and not just the shoulders.

Most wraps stretch from the shoulders to the front, making some moms uncomfortable when moving. Some moms would give up baby wearing completely.

The wrap is also good for parents who want to wear their babies while they are facing front, on the side or on their backs. The versatility of the wrap also helps bigger babies to see the world while being tightly secure.


  • Made of cotton
  • No metal or plastic attachments like buckles, snaps or fasteners
  • Can be wrapped over both shoulders
  • Can be wrapped around the entire back for more support when carrying the baby
  • Easy to follow instructional guide included
  • Come in different colours: Morby blue, black, green and others


The Moby Wrap has a design aimed at the parents’ comfort when carrying the baby. The wrap is recommended to be put on both shoulders and across the back to lessen the pressure on the wearer’s shoulders.

The back support also helps in maintaining good posture and will not cause back pains. Parents love the easiness of movement and can do work as the baby is wrapped to them without being sore at the upper back.

The fabric is completely made of cotton. This is a good feature as stretchable wraps tend to sag from overuse. Wraps made of spandex tend to loose traction when the baby is bigger and causes the baby to slip off the wrap.

Most mothers find stretchable wraps inconvenient as the baby gets too much room. The little one ends up in an uncomfortable position.

Parents gave praise to the Moby Wrap and said that they can use it in any type of climate. It is even good to use during the summer. Babies get to rest well in the wrap because of the good flow of air inside and out.

Moms said that the fabric is just the right length especially after double wrapping. They do not have excess cloth hanging at the back, which might cause them to trip or fall.

For parents who do not want to disrupt their baby’s sleep, they claim that they can leave their baby sleeping while they sit or recline. Some parents can even lie down while the baby is still in the wrap.

Parents who are into baby wearing recommend this product because they felt closer to their babies and were able to be with their little ones even on a busy working day.

The instructional guide is simple to understand and is useful to first-time baby wearers. The guide even gives advice to moms who find the product difficult to use.


One single parent said that the wrap is not convenient during travel because she had to wrap and unwrap repeatedly, and was a hassle to use with her hands already full. The wrap is also not useful to be carried during flights as the cabin can only give limited space for getting it on and off.

Some users found that non-stretchable wraps are not user-friendly because the fit became too tight for the baby. The product gave a limited space for bigger babies to move about, and they had to switch positions constantly.

One buyer only used the product for three months because she felt insecure with the wrap. The cloth kept on hanging low and she had to rewrap. She thinks that the fabric was too soft for the knots to hold and preferred a carrier with buckles for a more secure grip.


The Moby Baby Wrap is good for babies and parents who are committed to baby wearing and using a trusted brand for security and convenience. The product gained a 5-star rating from 79 percent of buyers and was generally satisfied with their purchase.

Most moms like the cotton fabric that is easy to wash and wear. The instructions that came with the product helped them navigate through the wrapping process. Buyers were also satisfied with the price of the wrap and were able to use it for a long time.

For parents who complained of back aches, the Moby Wrap was a lifesaver. They were able to wrap around their backs for additional support and helped them find a more comfortable position when carrying the baby.

Most wraps do not allow the wearer to sit or lie down. Parents who found it hard to remove their sleeping infants from the wrap said that they can even take naps while wearing their babies.

The Moby Wrap is well received by parents who were looking for a more comfortable experience in baby wearing.

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