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Boba Baby Wrap, Organic Review

Boba Baby Wrap, Organic Review

The Boba Wrap is the most frequently purchased wrap because of the many satisfied parents who have used the product. This wrap is made of cotton and spandex that makes the wrap soft and snug. It does not overstretch and contours according to the size of the baby.

The maker of the Boba Wrap made sure that the wrap is not hard to wear and will not require endless knotting and twisting. It’s a must for parents who are on-the-go and shifting from one task to another. The wrap’s hands-free design helps parents carry bags or walk the dog while keeping their child snug.


  • Made of cotton and spandex
  • Can be used for newborns to toddlers
  • For holding in front and at the back
  • Can be used for breastfeeding
  • Makes both hands available
  • Machine washable


Many baby wearers recommend the Boba Wrap because it provides the best level of comfort for the baby. It’s soft and a little thick, which provides warmth for a child on a cold day.

The stretchable fabric enables the baby to move, but not too much to cause an accident. Instructions come with the product that parents found easy to understand and especially useful for first-time users.

Parents agree that the wrap is a good buy. The price is just right and can be used until the baby grows to 35 pounds. One mom suggested that when using the wrap, parents should make sure that they are in a good posture to avoid back aches when using it.

A customer commented that the wrap does not sag or overstretch even after long hours of use. Many parents find this helpful because most wraps tend to sag as the baby grows.

Moms also find the product very useful as the baby sleeps soundly while they cook and clean. They do not need to hold the baby while she’s in the wrap because it gives just the right amount of tight hold. The baby tends to sleep longer while in the wrap.

There were parents who said that the wrap is best with colicky babies because the material keeps the baby in place and at the same time gives room for her to move a bit.

Irritable babies who want to be held a lot also felt calmer in the wrap. Mothers are thankful that they are still able to work while wearing the wrap.

The wrap comes with a bag that one mom found handy. Once in the bag, she can even use it as a pillow. The wrap can also be used as a blanket or a diaper mattress.


A customer claimed that she had a hard time using the wrap because the fabric was too long and required her to wrap and knot for a long time. She said that using the product required more time to prepare and was not practical to use.

Another mom said that the leftover fabric seemed to create a tail at the back and she was afraid that passers-by might step on it and might cause her to trip.

The wrap is thicker due to the combination of cotton and spandex. Some users found the wrap too thick for the baby and caused both parent and child to sweat. The wrap’s thickness is believed to be most useful in cold weather and warns against use of the wrap in hot summer days.

A mom of a newborn child did not like the product because she didn’t feel at ease with her baby cradled inside the wrap.

The mom felt that her child would suffocate, so she was inconvenienced with holding the baby upright while supporting her baby’s head. She believes that the wrap is more appropriate for bigger babies and not for premature or newborn infants.

When infants get too comfortable, they tend to become angry and cry continuously when taken out. Parents fear that the experience becomes traumatic.


Overall the product is still one of the best baby wraps available. 65 percent of buyers gave positive reviews on the product and expressed general satisfaction with their purchase. Buyers also thought that the product was reasonably priced with the quality of the wrap.

The stretchable fabric allows parents to use it for babies as they grow and allows most buyers to use it hands-free. This is a feature that most busy parents are looking for.

Parents of babies with colic found the product very useful and practical. They were able to deal with their irritable infants in a less stressful manner.

Another advantage of parents owning the Boba Wrap is having a closer relationship with their little ones. The snug fit lets the baby stay cuddled by their parents and establishes a stronger bond.

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