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Bambini & ME Baby Wrap Carrier Review

Bambini & ME Baby Wrap Carrier Review

This baby wrap by Bambini & Me is a lightweight and soft carrier that can be used as a breastfeeding cover and a blanket too.

Most parents enjoy the soft and light cloth that can be used during the summer but is also warm enough for colder seasons. The light fabric is also sturdy and can hold babies securely.

Its breathable material is good for newborns and infants who are cradled and can sleep without difficulty. Babies will be able to sleep well and peacefully without distractions. Toddlers can also enjoy the wrap as they can be positioned facing front and see the world.

This product is easy on the skin and is not made with toxic chemicals. The wrap is pure cotton and can be easily adjusted when the baby is getting heavier.


  • Size: 205 in x 22 in
  • Lightweight and Adjustable
  • No plastic or metal accessories needed
  • Chemical free
  • Can be used for breastfeeding
  • No need for support when carrying


The Bambini & Me baby wrap is a multi-purpose wrap that suits the varying needs of moms. Aside from being a carrier, the wrap is also a breastfeeding cover and a swaddle blanket.

Breastfeeding mothers usually have a hard time with carriers with buckles and snaps. With the Bambini & Me wrap, mothers can feed their babies and use the wrap as a cover. If the wearer is tired from wearing the baby, she can still swaddle the baby and soothe them.

Many parents said that their babies fell asleep easily and loved being tucked in the wrap.

Parents agree that the wrap can stretch to just the right amount. The material and the warm, cuddly feeling makes their babies less fussy and both moms and babies are happier. Most buyers of the product also said that they can easily move around with the baby wrap.

The wrap is made of chemical free cotton material and can be used in any type of weather, which is a plus for people who live in warmer climates. During the colder months, the wrap will warm the baby enough while she enjoys the closeness of being with mom or dad.

A buyer of the product was amazed at the thin and lightweight material of the wrap. She said that the material made carrying the baby easier and more manageable. She also said that the stretchable cloth made her baby move comfortably and did not struggle once tucked inside.

The wrap also comes in varying designs that adds to the fun of baby wearing. Once the baby creates a mess, the wrap is easy to wash and dry. One mom said that the fabric did not bleed with other clothes in the wash.


One customer was annoyed with the 18-foot long material. She said that the cloth was too long for a wrap and stretched more as she wrapped it around her. She did not recommend the wrap for ease of use. The buyer said that it will be hard to wrap the material if she was in a restaurant or a grocery store.

Another mom said that using the wrap takes too much effort and time. She said that it is not comfortable because the baby wants to get more elbow room.

The other side of the wrap is made of terry cloth that babies disliked. The soft cotton material was only placed on the wrap’s exterior and did not offer the comfort that was promised by the manufacturer.

There was a buyer who ripped her wrap after two uses. She said that the fabric did not stretch enough to accommodate the baby and was too difficult to use.  Some moms suggested that the fabric should be made more breathable and softer.


Although some users disliked the terry cloth layer of the wrap, the Bambini & Me baby wrap received a product rating of 5 stars from 79 percent of product buyers. Most parents liked the soft feel of the wrap, and so did their babies. Most babies had no problems slipping in and out and fell asleep right away.

The wrap’s breathable material makes the baby comfortable and well-ventilated. People who live in warmer areas said that their babies did not sweat even during hotter times in the day.

Parents said that they were also able to sit and sleep with their babies still in the wrap. Even when the baby is awake, they remain relaxed in their wraps and remain amused as the carrier takes short breaks. Moms love that they can multitask while baby wearing around the house.

The wrap is not expensive and some parents bought more. First timers could easily adjust to the wrapping process because the instructional guide was easy to follow.

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