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Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier Review

Baby K'tan Original Baby Carrier Review

A comfortable and easy-to-use baby wrap is perfect for creating an intimate connection with their babies, as well as keeping up with a busy day.

Unlike keeping babies in plastic carriers or strollers, baby wraps enables parents and babysitters to keep babies safe from accidents in narrow aisles in stores or germs from unwanted strangers in the park.

One of the more famous baby wraps in the market is the Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier. This carrier is made of soft and stretchable fabric that is easy to put on. Moms can even change positions if the baby wants a better view of her surroundings.


  • Made with 100% cotton
  • Carrier stretches while used and adjust to baby’s size
  • Individual sizes for mom and dad are available
  • Easy to wear
  • Can carry babies weighing 35 pounds maximum
  • Machine and dryer safe


Many parents prefer this wrap because it is made of pure cotton, which keeps the baby away from abrasions. The design of the wrap is similar to a shirt that is easily worn and without the worry of knotting and looping.

Parents can bring their baby around without being afraid that knots will loosen or that the baby might fall if she moves around. The wrap has a double-loop which makes sure that the baby is secure.

This wrap can shift from a sling, wrap or carrier and can be machine washed. When the wrap is stretched, a good wash will make it snug again. It’s good for newborns up to three year old.

Several customers claim that the wrap is easy to use and comfortable because of the stretchable and soft fabric. Clients who ordered the K’tan wrap said that the baby sleeps longer when inside the wrap and moms can do more chores because the wrap is hands-free. Moms also agree that the carrier is easy to wear.

Breastfeeding mothers like the product because they can have their babies stay in the wrap in a cradle position. The baby happily feeds without distractions and easily dozes off to sleep.

Sizing is unique for moms and dads. Customers say that the carrier cannot be shared by parents since it stretches easily after a few wears. One buyer even suggested buying a smaller sized carrier as it expands in time.

The wrap’s double knots can be used to adjust the fit of the sling. One dad suggested that adjusting the knot will take off the heavy feeling of carrying the baby. The sash can be used as a bag and is useful for carrying extra diapers or toys.


The product’s major disadvantage, as stated by customers, is the sizing. The site gives a sizing guide but a few buyers said that the product came too small or too big. The sizing chart also uses pre-pregnancy sizes which are unrealistic post-partum. Some babies can’t fit in which makes them irritable.

There were customers who commented that the fabric was too stretchable and babies tend to squirm inside the wrap, making them sleep in awkward positions. If the child moves around too much, parents complain that they will have to rearrange the child once they doze off.

Moms who didn’t like to use strollers bought the wrap but were disappointed because they felt that the baby was not safe.

The mothers also felt that their movement was more limited while wearing the wrap because they weren’t completely mobile. They still needed to support the baby’s head while sleeping. There was a buyer who said that for newborns, the product seems unsafe.

Some babies do not like the wrap on top of their heads while sleeping. This frustrated moms who were expecting that they would have their hands free to do other tasks. Supporting their child while carrying them in the wrap made a buyer develop a backache.


The Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier received an overall 4.2 stars and most customers were satisfied with the product. It is proven to have a long lasting use. Particular sizing for wearers is necessary and a bigger sized carrier is needed for dad.

Some customers say that it overstretches but can be remedied by a wash and air drying. The carrier will return to its snug fit.

The most important factor is the comfort for babies and the ease for them to sleep for longer hours. This means that babies are comfortable and get their much-needed rest, although some bigger babies might squirm and move to find their sleeping position.

Most customers stated that the baby becomes calmer when they are put in the sling and is a dependable tool for babies who are suffering from colic. The wrap is also reasonably priced as some customers said. The product is economical given the length of time it can be used.

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